June 19th week

What a fun week. The weather was good this week, we had some flat calm days and a few that had some swells in the open ocean, Monday was the worst day for the open ocean. Not much rain at all this week. The next 5 days it looks like some rain in the forecast. http://pafc.arh.noaa.gov/marfcst.php?fcst=FZAK51PAJK - for marine forecast. Kings - Still not anything like last year. But we did have several come in. The biggest one was caught by Jerry from Montana ( 22 lbs). The big story this week was the Silvers/Coho. Lots of them down around Yakobi area. 20' and 100' down on the down rigger. Mainly hoochies and spoons for the Coho. Halibut are still very strong. The two biggest were righ

June 12th week

So on Monday we had a boat that got zoomed out on their GPS and so it was hard to see the detail they needed to see, they managed to find the float plane dock but could not find their way back to the inner harbor to dock the boat. We were all thinking oh know this is going to be a long week, these guys do not know how to fish. All of those thoughts were washed away when Jerry brought back in a 210 lb Halibut! You now that look a little kid gets on Christmas morning just after they have opened a gift that they really wanted. Yea that is the look Jerry had on his face when he came in with that huge Halibut! It was really a neat experience to share in his joy and excitement. One thing you h

June 5th week

Wow what a great week we just had. Monday was a bit rainy and windy, Tuesday was just perfect, Wed was again great weather, Thursday got windy in the afternoon. Right now it is Friday morning looks like another great weather day. 165 lb halibut was the biggest it came off of Casino, 115 lb was next off of Stanley, and 110 lb off of Stanley. 75% of the guests this week caught a halibut over 110 lbs. I know sounds really good, we had only 4 guests this week. If this is any indication as to what our summer is going to be like for halibut - it is going to be wild. Kings are starting to show, we had a limit from one boat one day and two others. Soapstone and Althorp and Surge Bay is where

Holy Halibut!

An 80 lb Halibut is in my opinion a trophy Halibut. A 100 lb Halibut is just amazing. But a 150 lb Halibut is a rare trophy. Randy went out fishing for the first time, and got 0, the 2nd time he went out he brought back a 145 lb Halibut! When you see Randy this summer ask him the story! It got away three times! The fishing report I have for this week is that the guided lodges in our area are saying the king salmon fishing is very slow. The Waters Edge staff have only fished a couple of times we have been busy getting the lodge and boats ready for this summer. Next week we plan to fish more all of the projects are nearly completed. Very anxious to start the season officially with the

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