May 13th

Many things were accomplished this week. First halibut of the year came in. Chris went out with Wayne and Randie, and Wayne ended up landing a 65 lb halibut on a tiny spin cast reel while fishing for rock fish. Fresh halibut for dinner was amazing. Chef Jake did a great job! We have all but two boats out here. We had some good sunny days last week, but the last two days it has rained very steady. The frost in the mornings is gone and the snow it slowing disappearing on the mountains out my window. One thing Mary and I are trying to improve on, as our demand has increased we are starting to be more accurate on how we do our bookings. We are now going to require a deposit to hold any

May 6th 2017

I love Alaska, what a beautiful day. We brought some more boats from Juneau to Elfin Cove. The Fairweather Mountains were really amazing today. Elfin Cove is very quiet at this time of year. The other lodges are starting to arrive, so it is nice to see familiar faces. Our first guests our still almost a month away, but we have many things to do to be ready for them. I saw another first this week for me, I saw a school of bait fish in the cove, it was neat to see a big school moving along the shore in shallow water. Sorry for the boring update, but just a lot of work going on up here. We hope to get out fishing soon. Kelly

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