Mid Season Fishing Report

We are past mid season, I have been meaning to do this for a few weeks. Our King Season was a little slower than in past years. The limits this year stayed at 1 per day and 3 per year. The past three years we have had the limits for kings changed to 2 per day and 6 per year for the month of June. Halibut is right on pace for our normal average. Biggest one so far is 172 lbs. This halibut was caught by Greg Hands. It was caught out on the saddle out in the middle of Cross Sound. At first the halibut were not on the inside at all we had to go to open ocean for them, but a few weeks ago when the pinks hit the coast the halibut really started to get hot inside as well as outside waters. S

July 23rd week

Wow another awesome week! For real! What a good week! Light winds all week. Lots of pinks. Silvers are slowing a bit but still very much out there. Friday there was a boat that got their limit at Three Hill. Biggest halibut was caught by the Mayor of Deweyville 154lbs! Many more over 100lbs. Also had some nice ling cod this week. Jessie got a 100lber in front of the marker on George Island on her Birthday, what a birthday present! Just a reminder to the new guests, please do your homework! Go to https://www.watersedgealaska.com/new-guest - and become familiar with all the contents on this page. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Greg Hands family at this time. Greg passed away in a

July 16th week

Sometimes fishing is more than just fishing. Last year a week before Greg Hand was supposed to visit Elfin Cove he was in an accident. He was not able to fish last year, so he spent the entire year doing physical therapy and getting ready for his fishing trip. What an emotional moment when he showed up at the photo dock with a 71" halibut in the boat on Monday evening. Couldn't have happened to a better guy! This week was pretty good for weather. Thursday and Friday were a bit bumpy in the open ocean, Wednesday was flat smooth calm. Another wet week, we did see the sun a few times but mainly over cast the entire week with a shower now and again. Silvers were really good till Thursday t

July 9th week

Welcome to South East Alaska! This was a wet week!! We did have very calm water, but it was a very rainy week! This week was very different from other weeks, we had 3 boats that had fished with us before and everyone else was new. So it took a few days to figure everything out. Cape Spencer was the hot spot this week for Halibut, Lance got the biggest one at 151 lbs. Many halibut over 100 lbs this week, was a very good week for halibut. Pinks are now in full force, they can be seen jumping everywhere. The big winners this week was Dave, Dave, Charlie and Darel. Friday morning Dave radioed in "Kelly, you are never going to believe this..." A halibut hit his line hard enough that it bro

July 2nd Week

The 4th of July in Elfin Cove is always fun! This year we had a few rain drops fall during the day, but it did not stop the celebration. The weather and the fishing were much improved for this week. The halibut were back to normal again. We saw many over 100 lbs. The biggest was Jerry & Caleb 127 lb halibut. We had a commercial opening for King Salmon that started on July 1st. This year they were only allotted 65,000 lbs so the king opening only lasted 2 days. Silvers are still showing in big numbers. And this week the pinks showed up. Starting to see pinks on the dock every day. We did have a few guests that wanted to take them home, but the majority went into the freezer for bait f

June 25th week

I was really looking forward to seeing what this week would produce. After last week, I knew it would be a tall order to top. But this week was very challenging. We had some windy weather the first two days of the week. The rest of the week was pretty good and then Friday we finished the week off with another small craft advisory. So, the salmon report is not great. Friday was a good day, but rough water conditions, I had two boats return by 9:30 with limits of Silvers. We did have some Kings, but only a handful nothing like the week before. We did see some ok halibut, one over 100 lbs this week. Mary and I went inside and fished the Sally spot, but only caught two halibut that we rel

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