2017 Season Summary

On Saturday we left Elfin Cove with all the boats and headed for Juneau. We had great weather for the trip in. All the boats ran great and we got there with no problems. I flew back out to Elfin Cove on Sunday morning to help Chris with the rest of shut down. We are 4 years in a row with no leaks in the spring. That is 100% because of Chris! He does a great job getting all of the water out of the lines. Could not do shut down without Chris, thank you thank you Chris! Weather this summer was wet! We had a nice 10 day window where it got warm and no rain but other than that it seemed to rain most of the summer. At the end of the year we did have a few wind storms but nothing like the

Sep 3rd Week

Monday was a really good start to the week. Many limits of Silvers brought in on Monday. It was not a great weather day we had an east wind 30 kts, but it was ok at three hill to fish. Tuesday we had a crazy weather day, it was 70 degrees and no rain blue skies. Wednesday was slower for catching, a few boats with limits but for sure slower than Monday. We had a few halibut come in, one boat had a big one on but got off just when it was about to the boat. Thursday was again another wet day, but much better winds. Halibut are starting to be hard to find it seems like. The highlight of week was Mels 17 lb Coho! Kelly

August 27th Fishing Update

Another week has come and gone. Another wet week for sure. Halibut seemed to have slowed quite a bit. The guys from California, got a nice load of halibut the first day and then picked up another nice one later in the week. The silvers are still in but the 30 kt winds we had Monday and Tuesday made it hard to fish for them out in front of Three Hill. Kelly

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