June 22nd Fishing Update

The big news for this week is - where are the Kings - The forecast for the King salmon fishing this year was not good, and it looks like so far the forecasters are correct. We have seen no Pinks yet and just one silver. Halibut fishing on the other hand, is great. We had several halibut over 100 lbs. The biggest one was 137 lbs. The weather was very dry, not much rain at all. There was a big storm North West of us Monday and Tuesday that created some big swells in the open ocean. Many black rock fish caught this week. We are trying to open the stomachs more of all the fish this year to do more research on what they are eating. The Black Rock fish seem to have tiny shrimp most common.

June 16th

This week for weather was not flat calm and it was not terribly rough either. We had a shower or two but more on the dryer side for rain. Halibut catch this week was very good. King salmon was much slower but we did not have many anglers chasing the Kings. We had some big tides this week so I am hoping that will bring in some Kings for next week. We normally have a hook in the hand at least once or twice every year. It was nice to get that out of the way this week, and have our first hook in the hand. Don helped us do some construction last year, it was nice to finally get even with him and get him to catch some fish! We had a bit of excitement in the kitchen the oven went down, so N

June 9th Fishing Update

Well our first week is in the books! We had 2 guests this week and some of my family come up. The weather this week was not bad at all. We did have some rain at times but nothing real horrible. On Friday it was speedo weather! Very warm temps and calm water! The staff went out on Friday and did really good on Halibut. Well all except my boat that is. Brian and I went out with Nik and got one halibut, it was a 59 lb. Nikoli (Big Nik) had the biggest one for the day 90 lbs. Brian caught our only King this week. It was caught in Port Althorp. A little under 20 lbs. Caught on a green hoochie with a flasher at 90 feet. We have a good staff this year. Good attitude and willing to help

June 2nd

What a great week of weather. We have had some great sunshine, mixed with showers. Calm water out in the ocean. Today we had some staff go out fishing. Hayden got the biggest one at lbs, many others in the 50 lb range. A reminder that the fishermen are responsible for knowing and obeying the rules of the ADF&G! Please study up on the regulations and get as familiar as you can. We hope to keep our reputation going, that our guests know the rules and obey the rules. - http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=SportByAreaSoutheast.main It won't be long and we will have guests at the lodge. We are ready for a change of pace. I have another halibut stomach photo for you to guess what

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