Lots of King Salmon! Last night there was 15 kings on the dock! Been a bit windy the last couple of afternoons, but the majority of the day has been warm and nice water.

June 24th

Sunday was amazing to see the guests get ready for fishing on Monday. Sunday night they were in the boats getting their salmon gear ready, tying flashers hoochies and hooks. We had a couple new guys and you could tell they had done their homework, they knew the common landmarks and salmon hot spots. Very anxious to see what they can do this week? I am predicting they do very well. Theresa brought in a nice halibut this morning 82 lbs. No rain in the forecast for this week. Kelly Tuesday Morning! We had 10 kings on the Waters Edge photo dock 2 more at Shoreline. Lots of Rock fish almost every boat limited on black rock fish!

June 16th week

We ended the week again with sunshine blue sky and calm water. Biggest King of the year was caught this week. Willie and Jerry were in the kelp beds jigging for Black Rock Fish and they got a big surprise, several minutes later they had a 31 lb King Salmon on board! We did have a few slow days of halibut, but by the end of the week we had several halibut over 100 lbs. We had one big big monster lost, the rod and line broke all at the same time and left a little mark on the anglers forehead. We are starting to see more silvers and pinks but the big schools have still not hit yet. This week was fun we had many groups of Grandpa, Dad and Sons in the boats. Looking forward to next week to

June 9 Fishing Report

This week started out very slow compared to last week. The weather the first few days was very wet also, towards the end of the week we saw near perfect conditions on the water. We had one King brought in. Not many hours spent chasing kings. The vast majority of fishermen were after halibut. Cape Spencer, The Saddle, Column Point, were some hot spots, the halibut seem to be hanging out more towards the open ocean side of things. We are still seeing nothing in the stomachs of the halibut, they seem to be hungry. Several of the guests commented about seeing salmon in the water both jumping and swimming near their boat. Was nice enough to get some needed painting done. We also saw a p

Vienna Sausage

Well this is a first. Yesterday we had some guests use a vienna sausage to catch a halibut. Not sure what the thought process is there. So you're sitting in the boat eating vienna sausage and you think to yourself I wonder if halibut like sausage? Not sure but it worked, an 80 lb halibut took the bait and ended up in the boat. Halibut has been a bit slow the last few days, majority of the group are fishing for halibut so no Kings this week yet.

June 8th

Wow what a start to our 2019 season! Kings Salmon! Halibut! Rock Fish! The weather was pretty good this week, we did have a couple days of weather but nothing to bad, a few of they days were just really nice. We had halibut caught across on the other side and also around George Island. Kings were caught in Port Althorp! We got a new boat this week to try out for next year, it is a yellow stabi craft, in a few weeks we will have a Defiance Admiral here to test drive also. Really good week! Kelly

June 3rd Evening

Nice King came in tonight, was caught around 4:30 weighed in at 18 lbs. Mike has had some good success in the past and it continued today. 85 lb halibut was the biggest halibut today, also several 60 lbers as well. Nice day great start for the season!

June 3rd

Well we are finally officially under way! First official day of guests at Waters Edge! The weather forecast for this week looks really good, hoping it turns out to be true! So far this spring we have had great weather. The experts say we are in a drought, I am staring to believe them. Lots of tree pollen and dry pine needles. Mary and I are really pleased with our staff this year, we hope you think the same when you get here. They are eager to help and have a great attitude. The guided lodges have been doing good on King Salmon recently so hoping we can find some out there also. Kelly

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