Sunshine, Sweet Berries & Salmon Salad

Sunday Morning it rained. I'm not talking the misty rain we get all the time, I'm talking buckets, a full on deluge, mixed with sheets of rain and a downpour just for fun. We changed our Sunday outfit from our usual vest to a wind breaker to finally full rain gear. All morning I thought, "Oh man, summer is over and fall is here, bummer." Then...the most amazing thing happened, the clouds moved on and the Sun Came Out! We have had several days of sunshine and warm. Yeah for a little more summer and sunshine. One thing a good soaker rain followed by sunshine does is ripen up the wild berries. All along the boardwalk there are Salmon Berries and Blue Berries. Salmon berries come in all sha

June 21-27 Fishing Update

June 21 - 27 Fishing Update. Silvers were slow again this week. That is the big news for this week. We had a few boats get into them at different times but no one limited on Silvers. On Monday one boat the guys from Seattle brought in 3 King Salmon! Always exciting to see Kings in the coolers of the boat. Halibut was not red hot this week. The guests seemed to have to work hard for the halibut. The biggest one was 110 lbs. The key hole was a hot spot on Thursday but not on Friday. Cape Spencer had some good halibut come from there also. I went out with Claire and Jake this week and we could not get a halibut to bite the bait set ups we had. I switched to a jig and got several on th

July 14th week Fishing Update

Sorry for the delay on the fishing report. I got stuck in Juneau over night due to fog. Anxious to get back to Elfin Cove. This past week the Silvers were way slow. Even if you went down the cost they were hard to find. Very different from last week. Halibut was ok not great. We had several boats do good on the inside waters around Lemisure Island. Biggest halibut was 129lbs. Weather was pretty good. We had some rain this week and of course some more fog. But it was fairly calm all week. Our kids had a great week. We had several groups of kids, so there was lots of fun to be had. Looking forward to next week. The weather man says calm winds so hoping the catch rates improve.

Salmon & something Sweet

I have an addiction....Chocolate Lasagna. But before I share this luscious delight with you I better make all Mom's happy by starting with the main dish. Ha! Thank you Chef Jake for the recipes. Tuesday night at the lodge is Salmon night and we love to keep it simple and full of flavor! Top the salmon with olive oil, fresh lemon zest, salt, pepper....that's is!! Resting getting ready for the Traeger....mmm! This salmon looks good and is ready to go! Tuesday Night Salmon Salmon Olive oil Lemon zest Salt Pepper Lemon juice Chef Jake, “there really isn’t any measurements on this one, use more if you are feeding more and less if there are just a few of you…it is to taste for sure.” Directions

July 7 Fishing Update

Dave Greybeal this week caught the biggest halibut of the year! 195 lb halibut! Way to go Dave! The fog finally loosened its grasp on us. We had a bit of fog in the mornings but nothing like last week. We had a few showers on Thursday and Friday but still very dry week for South East Alaska. The winds were really good also this week. The Silvers really started to show up this week. We had several boats that limited every day on Silvers. The good news is that we now have lots of good halibut bait, yes the pinks have finally showed, been waiting for them! We had many many good halibut this week, lots of 50 - 60 lb halibut. We are always checking the halibut stomachs to see what is in

Smoked Salmon and Fireweed

Just getting ready to write this recipe, looking at these pictures I am drooling! Kelly put a picture of the smoked salmon he did the other day and so many people have asked for the recipe I thought I would do a blog so that you all have the recipe. The Brine: 1 Cup Salt 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup Soy Sauce 1 Gallon of Water We mixed the brine solution in a bucket and as it was a rich caramel color before we added the fish. We let it soak over night, approximately 6-8 hours, sometimes we go is like that! This is what the salmon looked like out of the brine and onto the smoker....mmmm. We turned the smoker to the smoke setting and let it go until it reached an internet temperature

June 30 Fishing Update

The weeks are really starting to fly by. This week was down a bit for catch rates. We had several boats this week that were first time guests, so it always takes some time to get adjusted to a new place and learn where to fish. Fog was the big story this week. Juneau is very warm and the open ocean is not so we have very foggy conditions, I expect this to remain for another week or so. We are seeing silvers and pinks and chums on the dock. We again had several halibut over 100 lbs this week. One group really did good on the Yellow Eye Rock fish! Towards the end of the week the tides started to increase in size so as a result we had some strong current days. This made for some swell

June 23rd Fishing Update

Wow what a week we just had! The word for the week is HOT! Very hot conditions! Calm in the mornings a bit windy in the afternoons. No rain!! And the next 10 days show no rain! One day there were 15 king salmon that were brought in! No limits of Silvers but many were caught, pinks were less than Silvers but still very greatful to get them. Flying over Lynn Canal right now looks like glassy water ski weather. When it is this warm in Juneau the open ocean is normally cooler so fog is the result. It will normally burn off but I expect lots of fog this week. We saw good Halibut fishing this week a few boats saw great halibut fishing! One boat landed three over 100 lbs! Also lots of rock fish a

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