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Aug 12 - 18 2012

On Sunday Jake says “Supposed to be sunny all week” And I responded with something like “Yea right? Not a chance it has rained all summer long - I would expect rain.” It just started to sprinkle and it is Friday at 3:00pm. We have had a great weather week, no rain at all. When Jake returns in 2013 I will listen to his forecasts!

Last week the Salmon bite was much better, the sunny weather made salmon fishing much harder. Biggest halibut for the week was 125 lbs. Jake got it over by the Texas spot. We also had a 109 lb halibut and a lot between 70 lbs and 90 lbs. Orca were in the area for a few days, several boats reported seeing them. Biggest Silver for the week weighed in at 16 lbs. It was a really nice big male, hook nose and everything. We are expecting the Silver run to peak in the next couple of weeks. With the cold spring we had the runs are later so good fishing will continue well into September. The Silvers will just keep getting bigger and bigger as they get ready for the spawn!

Kelly & Mary

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