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Aug 9 - 16 - 2014

What a wet week! We saw the sunshine on Friday for a few hours but for the most part it was raining all week long. The big story this week was the Silver salmon. I do not remember one boat coming in with a limit of Silvers. Half of a limit seemed to be the average that we saw each day.

Halibut was also much slower than normal. We did have some big ones brought in, 137 from Texas, and a 175 from Port Althorp and a 132 from “the secret spot”.

Jordan was sleeping when his fish hit, he said it was all he could handle. At times he felt like it was going to pull him out of the boat. Very exciting to see Jordan, Jake & Jae go from not knowing very much 4 years ago to now being very capable fishermen. Last year they brought in a 127 from Texas, this year a 137!

On the last day Ron went up Port Althorp to relax on some calm water, found a nice looking spot, and ended up landing a 175 lb Halibut! They caught it on a pink salmon steak. Ron said it bit very soft, he gave it some line and then it seemed to swallow the bait and the fight was on. 45 minutes later everyone in the boat was holding on to the rope trying to pull the giant Halibut over the rail!

Fishing tests your moral character. Keith came into the dock with a big smile! He had pictures to prove that he released a giant Ling Cod. They measured it several times, trying to make it stretch another inch, but in the end, released the 54” Ling Cod. They said they could have put a basketball down it’s mouth.

Not sure if the big tides this week were the reason for the slow fishing, hoping next week will be better.


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