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June 21 - 27 - 2015

Update on cell phone coverage. Verizon does not work very good at all, very very minimal service. AT&T up until today has worked pretty good, we are hoping this is temporary, we have had no AT&T service today.

This week was really really good. We had good weather, calm water in the open ocean. Tuesday the Silvers showed up. It was amazing, so to add to the limits of Kings and Halibut we had Silvers on top of that. One of the new dock staff said to me while filleting fish “ is it going to be like this every day?”

We have a new halibut spot “Montana” Jerry and Theresa found this one, it was a big producer this week.

About half of the guests this week had fished with Mary and I before so it was fun to watch the veterans help the new guys get started. Depth of water for the bigger halibut ranged from 250 feet to 80 feet of water. A few were caught on a whole Pink and many others on just chunks of Pink Salmon. We try to find out what they are eating and Octopus, Pink Salmon and Rock fish seem to be the most common fish found in the big ones stomach.

Things to learn for next week! Always check your drag! Every time you put your bait out there, check the drag on your reel by pulling some line out with your hands. A big halibut will have no problem breaking a pole holder if the drag is set to tight! Always always check the drag. Bigger the bait the bigger the fish!


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