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Aug 30 - Sept 5

What a fantastic week! Silvers are in at Three Hill big time! They seem to be getting bigger by the day. 15 lbs was the biggest this week. Very nice looking salmon. If you have never used a dipsy diver/deep six, I would suggest trying it. Much easier than the down riggers. I had several guests this week, limit on Silvers and had a great time using them. Depth varied, 40’ was good and then the surface was good also. Many local trollers out fishing Three Hill also, just a reminder to please stay clear of them and be courteous.

Halibut was pretty good this week also. 92 lbs was the biggest, we had several reports of having big ones on and then losing them. We did have some wind early in the week, but the last three days were just awesome! Very calm water and no rain!

Still getting some Pinks out in front of Three Hill. The majority of them are either in the streams or in the mouth of the streams.

If anyone is feeling brave? I need some more reviews/testimonials. Please go to our facebook ( page and give us a review?

Very fun time of year to fish. The risk of a fall storm is always present at this time, but the Silver fishing makes up for it!


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