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July 9th week

Welcome to South East Alaska! This was a wet week!! We did have very calm water, but it was a very rainy week! This week was very different from other weeks, we had 3 boats that had fished with us before and everyone else was new. So it took a few days to figure everything out. Cape Spencer was the hot spot this week for Halibut, Lance got the biggest one at 151 lbs. Many halibut over 100 lbs this week, was a very good week for halibut.

Pinks are now in full force, they can be seen jumping everywhere.

The big winners this week was Dave, Dave, Charlie and Darel. Friday morning Dave radioed in "Kelly, you are never going to believe this..." A halibut hit his line hard enough that it broke the pole holder off at the base and kept on swimming. As Dave was contemplating the the cost of the replacement rod and reel, bounce, bounce, bounce, the pole on the other side of the boat had a fish on. As they reeled in the fish up came a rod and reel on the hook. They brought in the rod and reel and would you believe that fish was still on Dave's line! They got back the rod & reel and a 44# that is a great fish story! (and this one is true!)


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