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2017 Season Summary

On Saturday we left Elfin Cove with all the boats and headed for Juneau. We had great weather for the trip in. All the boats ran great and we got there with no problems. I flew back out to Elfin Cove on Sunday morning to help Chris with the rest of shut down. We are 4 years in a row with no leaks in the spring. That is 100% because of Chris! He does a great job getting all of the water out of the lines. Could not do shut down without Chris, thank you thank you Chris!

Weather this summer was wet! We had a nice 10 day window where it got warm and no rain but other than that it seemed to rain most of the summer. At the end of the year we did have a few wind storms but nothing like the 85 mph storm that hit right at the end of the season last year.

King Salmon fishing in June was great. The last two weeks in June seemed to be the best. The King salmon fishing was closed for the rest of the summer due to poor returns.

Silver Salmon started showing up like normal around the middle of June. Towards the end of June we had really good fishing for Silvers. The first two weeks of July were absolutely crazy fishing for Silvers down at Yakobi. Many many fisherman and Silvers! By far the most commercial trollers I have ever seen. One day Mary and I were out with the kids and had a good view of the horizon, so we started counting, we got to 300. I am sure there were many more that we could not see. The Silvers continued to flow thru the pass all summer. At the end of the year we did have some days where the Silver fishing slowed down. But other than that I would say this was one of the best Silver returns we have ever seen.

Biggest Halibut this year was caught by Steve 209 lbs! They had several firefighters in their boat, and it was amazing to watch them. They had everything planned out, and had been studying the charts all winter. They left nothing to chance, they had done their homework and it really paid off. Halibut fishing was again very good this summer. Looking back the worst weeks for halibut were the last two weeks. My theory is that there was so much food available all summer long that the halibut had eaten their fill and started to migrate out a bit earlier than normal.

Another big change for us this summer has been the interest in fishing at Waters Edge. We are very grateful for the interest. We have always tried to give our past guests the first shot at booking for future years. I feel really bad when I get a call from one of our guests and the week they want to fish is already full. We are doing are best to keep the website current so you can see what is available, make sure to hit the refresh button to load the most recent update.

There are always ups and downs thru out a season, but as we look back over this summer, I feel really good about how things went. Looking forward to next year already. Thank you again to all of our guests! We really appreciate your support!

Kelly & Mary

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