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Scottsdale, Arizona

Hello this is Claire, my dad has given me the assignment to write on the blog today. We are at the show in Scottsdale and it is 89 degrees... 89 degrees feels SOOO good. Its kinda weird, Arizona is green right now, grass and flowers everywhere! Won't be long before it is spring in the rest of the world and Arizona goes back to being brown. This is our last show for this year thank you to everyone who stopped by and saw us. We still have a few openings in the first three weeks of June and the first week of September.

New changes for this year -

Earlier catamaran departure from Elfin Cove on Saturdays to help with the congestion at the airport.

New additions to our menu will be lasagna and new desserts, I hope you are as excited about the desserts as I am.

I caught a glance of new Lawrence GPS units going into the tailer and I overheard something about touch screens on all of the boats.

I have been asking my mom and dad to improve our sandwiches for lunches for years... and I am proud to say that I was successful! You can look forward to having REAL CHEESE on your sandwiches!!

I also thought that I saw several electric downriggers and new halibut jigs being loaded into the trailer... So make sure that you ask your dock staff for jigs this year because we have a lot more variety.

To entertain Paige last summer we created a "fairy garden" by shoreline and I think that we have found enough small garden gnomes so that you can see many everywhere you go. I want to start a tradition where guests bring up a magnet of places that you have been or where you are from... If you could help me in that by bringing a magnet I would be very happy!

I am hoping to have a great summer with all of you. Our staff this year is going to be very good and my brother Nik is just getting old enough to come help on the dock. He's 5'11 and 3/4 and since he's tall I can put him to work and make him reach the things that I can't. I'm hoping to work him hard this year. Thanks for reading my blog and I can't wait to see you all this summer!



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