Waters Edge Lodge is owned & operated by Kelly & Mary Crump.  With many years of experience you are sure a wonderful fishing experience in Elfin Cove, Alaska!  They will ensure your comfort both on and off the water.  With an extensive knowledge of fishing in Southeast Alaska they will help make your self-guided fishing experience a memorable and successful adventure.

Bruce - Head Chef Waters Edge
Kaela - Shoreline Lodge Manager Breakfast/Fish Processing
Jake - Mossy Ridge Chef 
Jeremy & Breanna - Mossy Ridge Lodge Managers
Bronco - Shoreline Chef
 Megan - Waters Edge Early Bird Breakfast/FishProcessing 
Sarah- Waters Edge Hostess / Housekeeping
Alex - Mossy Ridge Early Bird Breakfast/FishProcessing 
 Louisa - Mossy Ridge Hostess/ Housekeeping 
   - Zach Mossy Ridge Dock Manager
  Kaitlyn - Shoreline Hostess/ Housekeeping 
  - Addison Mossy Ridge Dock Staff
 Claire - Waters Edge Dock Manager
  Jeremy C. -  Mossy Ridge Dock Staff
 Jake - Waters Edge Dock Staff 
 Justen - Waters Edge Dock Staff
 Sam - Shorline Dock Manager
 Matt - Outboard Mechanic
  Logan - Shoreline  Dock Staff
 Dawson - Waters Edge Dock Staff
 Nikolas - Mossy Ridge Dock Staff
 Sam L. - Waters Edge Dock Staff
 Malinda - Photos/kitchen
 Ben B. - Waters Edge Dock Staff
 Raylee - Photos/kitchen
 Bridger - Mossy Ridge  Dock Staff