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June 1 - 15 - 2013

Sunday the forecast is for high 80s. If this happens it will break the record set back the 60s. The past two weeks have been really nice weather. Temps in the high 60s and no rain, just nice sunny blue skies. Yesterday we had our first guests of the season. They arrived around noon and were on the water by 2:30pm. They arrived back at the dock at 5:30pm and had a 102 lb halibut, a 96 lb halibut, and several other nice sized ones. What a way to start the 2013 summer off! This past week the Chum/Dog salmon really started moving into the inside waters. A lot of Pinks/Humpys jumping as well.

I was bringing a boat out from Juneau yesterday morning and as I started out from Auke Bay, I saw a fish jump out of the water and right behind the fish was the open mouth of a humpback whale. I was about three boat lengths away, I was able to veer to the left and get out of the way. Amazing how they can make you feel so very small! Was an awesome ride out, flat calm glassy water, I could have pulled a water skier from Juneau to Elfin Cove! Looking forward to the fishing action next week!


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