Aug 29 Fishing Update

Aug 29 Fishing Update We needed a good weather week, and this week was just what we needed. Was again a very typical Alaskan week we had some rain at times, mixed with some spots of sunshine. Wednesday night we got woke up to the pounding rain, it was coming down in buckets. We had a 30 kt wind forecasted for Friday morning, but it did not seem to happen. We are still waiting for the peak of the Silver/Coho Salmon Run. It is looking like they are all going to come through in September. If you fish in front of Three Hill and do not leave and stick with it, you will get your limit, is what it seems like. If you leave for Halibut and happen to miss the bite you really miss it for the day.

Salmon, Cheesy Potatoes and Blueberry Cobbler

What a wild year filled with adventures this has been, I know the fishing report is Kelly’s department but we have seen limits of salmon before 10am this week! In years past this is the week the kids and I would be winding down getting ready to head home. But, because of Coronavirus (here is a silver lining) my kids will only be in school 2 days a week and online 3 days so after reaching out to their schools we have decided we are staying until shut down. The kids are so excited to have a chance to help shut down the lodges and drive boats back to Juneau with the crew. It is going to be a grand adventure and I hope the weather holds (I won’t be complaining, remember the weather gods from

Fishing Update Aug 21st

Fishing Update Aug 22nd Great weather week! We had one day that had 20 kt winds but it was not bad at all. Most of the days had a bit of rain and then nice sunshine. The forecast for the next 5 days is 10 kt winds seas 3 feet! Great forecast! Silvers were ok this week, not great. Thursday and Friday and were slower. The boats that did the best were down past Yakobi. Rob and Ron stayed at Three Hill all week and limited all but two days. The best story from last week was the Freeman group that caught 25 silvers in 2 hours down past Yakobi Rock. We also had two kings brought in. Halibut was ok this week but slower than previous weeks. 126 lbs was the biggest. The Saddle was the hot

Wind, Vacuuming and Baked Halibut

Well, I learned a valuable lesson this past week…I complained a little about the amount of rain we have had and the lack of sunshine. Well, the weather god’s took that as a challenge, accepted and raised the challenge; 37kts and gusting to 47. All. Night. Long! Then, to make sure they had my attention the rain came down in sheets, more like a river, running down our windows, it was crazy! Speaking of windows, when you have a wind and rainstorm, make sure all the windows are closed, good lesson to learn for the crew. Ok weather gods, you have my attention, no more complaining about the rain…it is what makes Southeast Alaska so beautiful and lush. We have an amazing crew this year, I have ta

Fishing Update Aug 15

Fishing Update Aug 15 Wow what a weekend. Big Fall wind and rain storm, we ended up going on the Allen Marine Catamaran on Monday afternoon. The guests were very patient and understanding. We did the best we could with what was presented to us. Thursday was our best weather day, Friday was very windy and wet. This was the worst weather week for the year so far. Silver salmon fishing for some was great others struggled a bit. We had near limits at Three Hill for a couple of boats, and one boat limited out every day but had to go down to the Pumpkin patch to do it. Halibut was slower this week also. The biggest was 130 lbs. The currents this week were very minimal. And the rough sea c

Rain, Coconut Halibut Tacos and Carrots Cake...oh my!

Any of you starting to wonder how I don't gain weight while in Elfin Cove??? Yeah, me too..... One thing you can be certain about is that it will rain in Elfin Cove and this week…it has rained and rained hard! But, with the rain also come the Salmon so I am not complaining and neither are the fishermen…read Kelly’s update for more fish info. Anyhoooo…I would say we got inches everyday, the stream is swollen, I thought the kids left the bathroom fan on the rain was coming down so hard (eye-roll) and as always, hungry on Saturday. I will admit that I gave Bruce a hard time when he said he was doing fish tacos, again, but he assured me that these would be different because Coconut. I told him

Aug 9th Fall Storm

Our fall storm came early this year. 40 kt winds with heavy rain. We got into Juneau ok on Saturday, was a bit rough going in but we made it with no problems. Then the storm hit on Sunday and Sunday night. Allen Marine had a boat available on Monday the storm was still going early in the morning so we decided to push for an early afternoon departure. Lynn Canal was not great but we made it to Couverden and then Icy Strait was pretty good they sun even came out, Pt Adolphus to South Pass was really good water. The pass was ok cause we were on a flood tide. We got in around 4:00, did orientation and got ready to fish Tuesday morning. It is now 1:00pm, we have had one boat come back wit

Aug 8 Fishing Update

Fishing Update Aug 8 The forecast for this week looked pretty wet. But it turned out to be a pretty normal week. We did have times of heavy rain, but it would stop and the sun would come out at times. Tuesday we saw some wind but the rest of the week was pretty good, not glassy calm good, just normal good water to fish on. The Silvers are gaining in size. They seemed to really improve on size this week. The biggest difference this week was the determination of the fishermen to catch salmon. This week the guests were going to catch them no matter what. And it made a big difference. Three Hill, and Yakobi were good spots to fish. Still seeing a lot of pink salmon out there also. Some

Sunshine, Beached Boats & Halibut Burgers

When the sun comes out in Southeast Alaska it is almost like the whole world breathes a sigh as we dry out and warm up. All the doors and windows get opened, everything gets aired out and schedules get thrown out the window as much as possible. This week was one of those weeks, sunshine and warm! Some of the staff found the wake board, others reclined in the chairs on the deck and a few of us went to the beach on George Island, we are all a little sun kissed and it feels great! It was beautiful and I couldn’t resist the call of the beach and waves so off we went. The tide wasn’t exactly right to get back to work on time so I brought Nikolas and told him his job was to fish off the beach

Testing Update

New update for testing in Alaska. Click here for link

Aug 1 Fishing Update

Fishing Update Aug 1st I am sitting in my office in Elfin Cove with the window and the door open hoping for a breeze to blow some cool air in. Sweat rolling down my back. Very odd conditions here. The forecast for next week is rain every day. This week has been the hottest one of the summer for sure. Very little rain and very hot conditions. Made for some amazing sunsets each night. Silver salmon are at Three Hill & Yakobi. Guests reported caching them at 80’ & 30’. Was not a red hot week for Silvers though. But in the Silvers defense the guests focus was on halibut this week more than salmon. Halibut was slower this week for some fishermen. Biggest for the week was 230 lbs. Craig

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