Fishing Update Aug 15

Fishing Update Aug 15

Wow what a weekend. Big Fall wind and rain storm, we ended up going on the Allen Marine Catamaran on Monday afternoon. The guests were very patient and understanding. We did the best we could with what was presented to us. Thursday was our best weather day, Friday was very windy and wet. This was the worst weather week for the year so far.

Silver salmon fishing for some was great others struggled a bit. We had near limits at Three Hill for a couple of boats, and one boat limited out every day but had to go down to the Pumpkin patch to do it.

Halibut was slower this week also. The biggest was 130 lbs. The currents this week were very minimal. And the rough sea conditions did not help. Sally, Soapstone, Saddle,, Texas all had good halibut this week.

Looking forward to next week the Silver salmon should start peaking. And hoping for a better weather week!


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