Smoked Salmon and Saying Good Bye

It has been an amazing season; we have enjoyed seeing many of you and sharing in your excitement of fish caught. Some of you were not able to make it for a variety of reasons and we look forward to getting caught up in the future. We have harvested some great fish this year but don’t worry, those of you who didn’t make it…we left plenty for the future! Can’t wait to see you all again next summer, let the countdown begin! One of my favorite ways to eat salmon is smoked. I love it on crackers, on a salad and even just straight from the package. Really, you can’t go wrong. I thought that since we are smoking fish, as I am typing, to take home for this winter it was a great recipe to share

Sep 4th Fishing Update

Sep 4th Fishing Update Friday morning, the sun is out and blue skies! I really like and hate September weather. The week started out with another tough Sunday getting guests into Elfin Cove. Float planes would not fly on Sunday, so again Allen Marine came to our rescue. They had another trip they were on so it was not till 5:30pm they were ready to take us to Elfin Cove. The Catamaran got into Elfin Cove around 10:30pm, yes it was very dark. Guests went right to bed very tired. The next morning we woke up to the storm still raging, 30 kt winds. Tuesday was a bit better for wind but the open ocean was still swelling. Wednesday and Thursday were much better and Friday was a normal day.

KSL Outdoors Eakle Family

Cannot wait to see the show! Saturday at 8:30 and midnight! If you are in the Utah area turn on Channel 5!! I will get a link to the show online as soon as I can. Link to KSL Outdoors - Link to intro for the show this Saturday! - Kelly

Bells and Honey-Mustard Walnut Crusted Salmon

Our chefs just might make a salmon lover out of me yet. Staying a few extra weeks and juggling online school with lodge life hasn’t been so bad…ok, it is only the 1st week of school but....hey. The kids seem to be happy to have the distraction of an hour or so of school and I am blessed that they are willing to get in and get it done. It will be interesting to see how this school year plays out, I am grateful for those who are willing to work so hard for the education of our children. AND…I am glad to eat some more yummy salmon! At dinner each night we ring a beautiful bell to signal the start of dinner. It is a nice way to gather everyone and get the meal started. Doug Adams, one of o

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