Salmon Derby, Salmon Salad & Pizza

This week we decided to take a break from our competition and have a salmon derby with pizza for dinner. Come on, we are talking about young adults here…fishing and pizza is like a dream Saturday night for them! If we could add a movie and root beer floats I think they would be heaven!! The heavens opened and the rains came down…all…Saturday…long. The forecast said 2 inches of rain and the sky did not disappoint! The crew who had loaded fish boxes in the rain, cleaned boats in the rain and generally were tired of being cold and wet opted to not have the fishing derby this week and so we pushed it to next weekend…can you blame them? I can’t! So, no fish recipe just pizza and an early nigh

July 25th Fishing Update

I still feel very lucky to be here with guests fishing. Hoping that this craziness will end soon! We had a slow start to our week, but by the end of the week things were well on their way back to normal. The highlight for the week came from Jerry's boat. He called in on the radio and said he had a 77" halibut in the boat. It was great to share in his and John's excitement as they came into the dock. We heard about the 77" one but they also caught a 134lb right after they landed the 230 lb one. Pretty fun to see John and Jerry smiling from ear to ear. I would say this week the halibut slowed down quite a bit, still not a bad week just not the crazy numbers that we were seeing at the end

Halibut Bacon Bombs, OH My!

Words cannot express how amazing these are! When the Shoreline crew told me what they were making I will admit I wasn’t sure I would be eating their dinner…I’m not a huge fish fan so this weekly cooking has been a stretch for me. Something about the texture of fish puts me off a little…but I digress here. The bacon part of the recipe sounded good but wrapped around a halibut ball mixture…I wasn’t so sure. Don’t get me wrong, I like bacon and halibut but the thought of just halibut and bacon with a little seasoning didn’t appeal to me. Of course, they didn’t share the recipe with me before hand so when pan after pan of halibut bombs came out of the oven, my nose told me I was in for a tr

Fishing Update July 17

July 18th Fishing Update Another rough week for weather! Tuesday we had 25 kt winds and rough Cross Sound fishing conditions. By the end of the week conditions improved dramatically. I did see the sun a couple of times, but this was for sure a wet week. Starting to make last summer seem like a dream we are just waking up from. Hard to believe we went over 6 weeks with no rain. Jake and I were fishing in Middle pass this week and the sea lions were really feeding on the salmon. We saw many salmon go down the throats of the sea lions. Most of the guests fished down the coast either at Yakobi Rock or down past there. I really think this next week we need to focus on Three Hill for Silve

Fish Tacos and Fishing Off the Dock

It is funny the things you learn after years working at a fishing lodge. Keeping things interesting and entertaining for the crew always seems to be the one thing that keeps me hopping. Each year is different as the people change, one year they watched all the Rocky movies, multiple times; another year they fished every waking moment. This year, fishing off the floatplane dock at night is one of their favorite things to do. They snapped this picture as they were walking down to the floatplane dock to fish one night...beautiful. The one thing that seems to be consistent through the years is the statement, “now I have all this fish, how do I cook it?” As part of keeping things interesting

July 11 Fishing Update

July 11th Fishing Update When is the best time to fish at Waters Edge? Answer = "When the Open Ocean is glassy calm"! Weather was great this week. Friday we had a 20 kt wind but other then that the week was less than 10 kts for wind. Rain on Thursday and Friday. The forecast for next week is showing a lot of 10 kt winds again!! King Salmon are still showing up on the dock. One of our guests said they could have easily got their limit twice on two different days for kings. Silver salmon are very much in as well, they were caught in front of three hill but more down by Yakobi Island. Pinks are in also. We have lots of pink salmon for bait. Getting stocked up for sure! New King Salmon

July 4th Fishing Update

July 4th Fishing Update Happy Independence Day! Normally on the 4th of July the cove is buzzing with activity. But today it is very quiet. We jumped are schedule ahead one day so that we could have the 4th of July off this year. All of the community 4th of July activities have been canceled for today, we are doing a scavenger hunt on George Island this afternoon, and then later Eagle Charters is doing some fireworks. The last two weeks have been rough on the open ocean. Not stopped us from fishing, but uncomfortable. The forecast was for sun which at first we were excited about. I got asked for Aloe Vera for sun burns this week, I think that is the first time that has happened. Sadly

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