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July 4th Fishing Update

July 4th Fishing Update

Happy Independence Day!

Normally on the 4th of July the cove is buzzing with activity. But today it is very quiet. We jumped are schedule ahead one day so that we could have the 4th of July off this year. All of the community 4th of July activities have been canceled for today, we are doing a scavenger hunt on George Island this afternoon, and then later Eagle Charters is doing some fireworks.

The last two weeks have been rough on the open ocean. Not stopped us from fishing, but uncomfortable. The forecast was for sun which at first we were excited about. I got asked for Aloe Vera for sun burns this week, I think that is the first time that has happened. Sadly I had no aloe vera. The sunny temps brought afternoon winds. I was in Juneau Thursday loading supplies and it was 85 degrees.

King Salmon fishing continues to be really good. We did have some boats that did not get their kings this week, but many others did get them. The rough conditions are hard to over come at times when going down the coast for kings. The big change with salmon this week was the Pinks and Silvers. Lots of Silvers and Pinks. 8 boats limited on Silvers and Pinks two different days. The fresh pink salmon will be great for halibut bait. The silvers were skinny not the big bellied ones we see in late August. But they were still good sized and fun to catch.

Halibut was again off the charts! Seriously! Biggest was 168 lbs. We are finding Octopus beaks, rock fish, crabs in their stomachs. I know you have heard this before, but the secret really seems to be patience. Those that move a lot do not seem to do as good as those that sit still and let the halibut come to them. Look at the photos below to see what the halibut catch was like.

Crew! Our staff this year is doing amazing. Mary and I made a big change this year by creating a Lodge Manager Position for each Lodge. Kaela has Shoreline, Nikoli has Waters Edge, and Jeremy and Breanna have Mossy Ridge. They are doing so much more and better than we expected. Been getting very good compliments from the guests about how things are flowing smoothly. I hope this continues into late August, that will be the test. Looking forward to seeing more guests this next week.

Just a reminder about the virus, it still is the best situation to get tested before you come to Alaska. Even if you miss the 72 hour request it would be better to know before you get to Alaska if you are positive. I had a friend coming up this week and he tested positive so he will be staying home, was a very difficult phone call, very down and sad fishermen!! We will get through this for sure! When on the boardwalk we need to wear masks, and while eating we will seat you so that we do not get to close.


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