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Fishing Update July 17

July 18th Fishing Update

Another rough week for weather! Tuesday we had 25 kt winds and rough Cross Sound fishing conditions. By the end of the week conditions improved dramatically. I did see the sun a couple of times, but this was for sure a wet week. Starting to make last summer seem like a dream we are just waking up from. Hard to believe we went over 6 weeks with no rain.

Jake and I were fishing in Middle pass this week and the sea lions were really feeding on the salmon. We saw many salmon go down the throats of the sea lions. Most of the guests fished down the coast either at Yakobi Rock or down past there. I really think this next week we need to focus on Three Hill for Silvers. Saw lots of Pink salmon also this week.

Halibut was slower this week. I would not say it was slow just slower than the last few weeks. The stronger current seem to produce better halibut fishing. We always seem to be hoping for slower current for easier fishing conditions, but we are really seeing strong current produce bigger halibut catches. A little advice for next week, is to not move great distances when fishing for halibut. Pick an area and fish it. Running from Cape Spencer to Yakobi to me seems like a waste of time, If you see salmon jumping while halibut fishing and then move to another area to salmon fish that really makes no sense? Make a game plan and stick to it.


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