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Fishing Update Aug 21st

Fishing Update Aug 22nd

Great weather week! We had one day that had 20 kt winds but it was not bad at all. Most of the days had a bit of rain and then nice sunshine. The forecast for the next 5 days is 10 kt winds seas 3 feet! Great forecast!

Silvers were ok this week, not great. Thursday and Friday and were slower. The boats that did the best were down past Yakobi. Rob and Ron stayed at Three Hill all week and limited all but two days. The best story from last week was the Freeman group that caught 25 silvers in 2 hours down past Yakobi Rock. We also had two kings brought in.

Halibut was ok this week but slower than previous weeks. 126 lbs was the biggest. The Saddle was the hot spot. Adam got a nice one! We had a ton of fun with the Eakle Family. You always worry about bringing a celebrity into the lodge, worrying if they will be high maintenance, Adam was the opposite of that. Very down to earth great guy! His producer Jarod was great also and fun to hang around! You guys are welcome back anytime!


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