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Aug 8 Fishing Update

Fishing Update Aug 8

The forecast for this week looked pretty wet. But it turned out to be a pretty normal week. We did have times of heavy rain, but it would stop and the sun would come out at times. Tuesday we saw some wind but the rest of the week was pretty good, not glassy calm good, just normal good water to fish on.

The Silvers are gaining in size. They seemed to really improve on size this week. The biggest difference this week was the determination of the fishermen to catch salmon. This week the guests were going to catch them no matter what. And it made a big difference. Three Hill, and Yakobi were good spots to fish. Still seeing a lot of pink salmon out there also. Some of the pinks were pretty good sized. Silvers seemed to be deeper 80’. Green seemed to be the good color. The closure for the trollers started last night, so we of course heard some loud noises and parties in the cove, but for next week that should let some more fish come thru for us to catch!!!

Halibut were again strong this week. Several stories of big ones lost at the boat. Biggest for the week was Robbie 128 lbs. It was caught near bird island just down from Three Hill Island. The bite for halibut has for sure slowed from what it was in June. Patience continues to be the key. If you wanna catch halibut you got stick it out and be patient.


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