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July 10th week

Again another great weather week. I know it sounds like a broken record this year. We had boats fishing around Cape Spencer, the saddle, Yakobi, the open ocean was very calm again this week. We did have a few showers this week, but nothing that lasted very long.

Silvers are very strong. The guys from Bozeman limited almost every day. Bo from Team Defiance did very well on Silvers. Bo's guys also boated two halibut over 100 lbs this week. We had two boats go inside and fish for Halibut this week and did very well. The best bait they found inside was herring. This week we had less halibut over 100 lbs and many many 75 lb halibut. My Dad fished Three Hill one day and got 5 Silvers, so that is a good sign they are starting to move closer. Flasher with a hoochie seemed to work the best, about 50 - 70 feet down. Biggest Halibut for the week was 174 lbs caught in the Texas area.

Questions to be answered if you are a rookie fishermen here in Elfin Cove -

1- What are the five species of Salmon and how to identify each one?

2 - What are the limits for the species in our area?

3 - Where are the following locations - Three Hill, Yakobi, South Pass, The Red Can, Sally, Casino, Bird Island, Port Althorp.

4 - What is the difference between a flasher and a dodger?

5 - Can I check my drag to often? - No is the answer to this one!

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