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June 9th Fishing Update

Well our first week is in the books! We had 2 guests this week and some of my family come up.

The weather this week was not bad at all. We did have some rain at times but nothing real horrible. On Friday it was speedo weather! Very warm temps and calm water! The staff went out on Friday and did really good on Halibut. Well all except my boat that is. Brian and I went out with Nik and got one halibut, it was a 59 lb. Nikoli (Big Nik) had the biggest one for the day 90 lbs.

Brian caught our only King this week. It was caught in Port Althorp. A little under 20 lbs. Caught on a green hoochie with a flasher at 90 feet. We have a good staff this year. Good attitude and willing to help. They are still learning a lot at this point, but they will learn quickly as the fish start coming in.


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