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North to Alaska

Tomorrow I head north. I normally leave around the first of April, but this year we are trying to spend some more time at home with the family. Claire is 15 now and got her learners permit to start driving, she is doing pretty good, only scared me a couple of times so far. Nik grew this winter he is almost 6' tall, we are ready for him to start pulling his weight at the lodge.

I have an 18' cargo trailer completely full of supplies for this summer. The plan is to get on the ferry in Bellingham on Friday and arrive in Juneau on the 29th of April. Chris Peter is going to fly in on the 29th and if the weather is good we will go out to Elfin Cove and get the water going and do building inspections. May 6th we start working on getting the boats out of hibernation. Hoping to have all the boats in Elfin Cove by the 18th of May.

The last few weeks have been pretty good weather in South East Alaska, today there is a 50 kt wind storm moving through. Hoping that is the last gasp of the winter storms.

We are very thankful for all of the guests that have signed up to fish with us this summer! Mary and I hope that we can provide the type of experience you all are dreaming about.

For all of those new guests, please do your homework and go to the new guest page on our website, and learn as much as you can. The more you know before you get to Elfin Cove the better it will be. The next blog will be from Alaska!!


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