Road Trip

Nashville - Denver - Sacramento/Billings - PuYallup wow what a road trip. Denver was nice and warm, Sacramento was a monsoon, and PuYallup rained heavy then was nice the last two days. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to speak with us. We continue to be amazed at the interest in fishing with us at Waters Edge. We really appreciate the support we receive from our guests in way of referring friends and neighbors to us. Thank you to Kern and Linda and Kaela for going to Billings and braving the cold. Nashville was fun we made some purchases for this summer for fishing tackle. We have had a few cancellations and folks moving to other weeks. So here is the latest on what we have open f


This past week we went to the Big Rock sportsmans show in Nashville to order supplies for the upcoming 2020 season. Kelly and Mary were nice enough to let Breanna and I tag along. It was a lot of fun to see the newest and greatest products in the fishing community, and even more fun to buy some of those products to put to work at the lodge. There are a few new color patterns of flashers and hoochies coming onto the market that have shown great potential. We ordered herring colored flashers and different sized hoochies for guests to try out. Some of the new gadgets to try this summer include rod cushions, net floats, and salmon leader to tie up single hook Salmon rigs. Along with the new Gad

North Pacific Council Meeting Update The North Pacific Fishery Management Council in December voted against tightening regulations on sport anglers who rent a boat to fish for halibut. It’s seen as a growing part of the sport fishing fleet in Southeast Alaska but has more liberal bag limits than clients who go out fishing with a guide. Halibut stocks are declining coastwide. Commercial and guided sport charter fleets have seen restrictions and reductions in their catch. The North Pacific Council started a discussion two years ago about the rental sector. In 2018, i

2020 Openings!

We have some great openings for the 2020 season! Click this link to view what weeks are open.

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