Halibut Regulations

Dec 3rd there is a meeting in Anchorage to discuss changes to the halibut regulations for self guided non resident anglers. The proposed changes are to have the same regulations as the charter boats. I will keep you all updated as things progress. I was able to visit Elfin Cove last week to check on all the buildings. Everything looked great up there. It was not cold very warm almost 50 degrees for temps. The rain was very heavy a couple of the nights it rained over 2". Mary and I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday this week! Kelly Agenda Item D3: Unguided Halibut Rental Vessels, Council Motion October 8, 2018 The Council adopts the following purpose and need statem

Self Guided University

We made a new page on the website, it is called Self Guided University. The idea here is to start some conversation about how to fish for halibut and salmon and rock fish. Jeremy is going to head this up so please comment and interact with him. click here for the link - https://www.watersedgealaska.com/blog-1. - Last night Nik and I went out to work on our rifle shooting. We brought a steel plate along so we could hear it from a distance. Nik missed on his first shot, and I think I missed on my first shot. I hit the chain holding the steel plate. Not sure if that counts as a hit, I am guessing it does not. Fun to see Nik grow up he hit a milk jug at 400 yards so not to bad.

Pelagic Rockfish on the Fish Finder

Trying to make sense of the images that cross the screen of your fish finder can be tough, and doing so successfully takes practice. I could spend hours going into depth about fish finders and what you might see on that screen. For this post I am going to show what pelagic rockfish might look like on that screen. Pelagic rockfish commonly known as sea bass hang out in large schools, and are found mid-water in or around rocky structures. Because they are in schools you are not looking for singular marks (arches) on the screen, rather a large group of marks. I love seeing this on the screen because it normally results in some fast fishing! These photos were all taken while catching sea bass. W

Self Guided University

What is the difference between a flasher and a dodger? A dodger is normally designed to pull a cut plug herring, the back of the doger flips up and creates a difference in the roll of the herring. A flasher rolls, an 11" flasher is my favorite, I feel like it rolls bigger and creates a bigger flash for salmon to see. I normally pull a hooch behind a flasher. This photo is Mike Ginghams set up. He caught a nice King in June on this and lots of Coho in the fall Sept 1st week with it. Kelly

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