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Pelagic Rockfish on the Fish Finder

Trying to make sense of the images that cross the screen of your fish finder can be tough, and doing so successfully takes practice. I could spend hours going into depth about fish finders and what you might see on that screen. For this post I am going to show what pelagic rockfish might look like on that screen.

Pelagic rockfish commonly known as sea bass hang out in large schools, and are found mid-water in or around rocky structures. Because they are in schools you are not looking for singular marks (arches) on the screen, rather a large group of marks. I love seeing this on the screen because it normally results in some fast fishing!

These photos were all taken while catching sea bass. Whenever someone asks me for tips on fishing for black bass I like to suggest that they find them on the fish finder before even dropping a line in the water. Placing a waypoint on the navigation screen when you find a school can help find them again.

Good luck!

Jeremy Anderson


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