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July 5

Mary and I would like to thank all of those out there that have sacrificed and served our country.  We will forever be in your debt.

Halibut and King Salmon have slowed down.  Jeff & Dillon had the biggest halibut for the week 204 lbs!  What is really crazy is that was not their biggest ever.  We are starting to see a few salmon going thru the pass, chums and pinks.

West winds are causing a bit of frustration, open ocean is seeing some not fishable water the past couple days.  Today we are seeing rain, but the forecast says sunny the next 3 days.

Sad to see but a baby humpback whale was floating in the pass the other day.  It is now on the beach out where the float planes take off and land.  Will be interesting to see what happens next with it.

I expect the King salmon to slow way down and the silvers to start showing up.  Last year the silvers/coho were early and we were limiting on them at this time, not the case this year, we have seen a few but not big numbers yet, hoping that will change in the next week or so.



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