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June 23 Update

The Mossy Ridge Lodge just finished up a great week.  King Salmon fishing was again very good.  80 - 130’ on the down rigger down the coast.  There are still lots of jelly fish so it is causing some up and downs on the electric down riggers to keep the gear cleaned off.  Matt & I even caught a king we went down to help a boat with a mechanical problem and while we were there we spent about 20 minutes in the water and came back a nice King for Matt.

Halibut were epic this week!  The guys from Montana said several times “ Best fishing day I have ever had”.   Halibut came from inside waters also outside waters.  One boat reported catching all of theirs on jigs, but the big ones were caught on Pink Salmon for bait.  Biggest for the week and the year so far is 235 lbs!  Way to go Bruno!

Big tides coming up next week.



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