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June 16th Update

The King Salmon Fishing has been great.  We are seeing some nice ones coming in.  Guests are reporting getting their limits quickly, like within an hour.  They are being caught down the coast Downriggers depths of 75-100 feet.  Does not seem to matter what you use, mainly spoons and hoochies behind a flasher.  Pinks, Silvers, Chums were caught last week also.

Halibut is right on pace as last seasons.  They are being caught on the outside waters and the inside waters.  Both on bait and Jigs.

Weather is getting nice.  Sunny days with some calm water.  The forecast looks really good.  -

This morning down by the float plane dock we saw a big school of bait getting chased by a big school of Dolley Varden.  Hopefully the video comes thru and you can see them.



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