FISH with a Kick! Pineapple Salmon

Today is the day! I always know we are getting to the end of the season because the kids are back in school and the crew ships home all their fish. It is my annual job to collect the fish at the airport and meet people so that we can get the fish into their freezers as quickly as possible (thank you Todd for your help every year). It is always an adventure but today I am feeling blessed because it is not 100 degrees outside, just 85 today. Now that there is fish in the freezer it is time to pull some out and cook some up! Claire caught a white king salmon this summer and so I thought I would use it for this recipe but once the dust settled the white king was on the bottom of the pile and

Aug 18 - 24 Fishing Update

On our way back in today to Juneau we had in my opinion the perfect weather. Calm calm water, overcast with those low lying clouds. See photos at bottom. Halibut was a bit slower this week. Biggest one was caught by Nik 126lb halibut. Mike got a 100lber. I anticipate the next couple of weeks for halibut to be harder to find. Silver/Coho salmon picked up again this week, but were still off of our normal pace. Still feels like the peak is yet to come. Three Hill was for sure the hotspot. Last weekend we experienced a big windstorm. Allen Marine was nice enough to take us on an early morning run to Elfin Cove Monday morning. Very grateful for our guests. We really appreciate their patien

Aug 11 - 17 Fishing Update

Wow what a weekend. We got notice from Ward Air and Allen Marine that due to extreme high winds they would not be able to provide service to us for transportation for our guests. So we made some tough decisions on what to do. We decided it was best to leave on Friday and get into Juneau before the storm hit. The highest wind gusts that I saw recorded was 42 kts on Saturday. Very glad we got in before the storm hit. A big thank you to all of our guests for being patient and willing to adapt to Alaskas weather. The big news for this week was the silvers! We saw a big increase in the number of silvers on the dock. We had many limits come for the Three Hill area and we had many limits co

August 4th Fishing Update

What a hot summer we are experiencing. Again we are sweating in Elfin Cove. This is just not normal at all to have this hot and dry of conditions. We really need some rain to get the fish moving. Wednesday we had a gust of wind and it was all of a sudden raining pine needles. The trees are dry and thirsty. Halibut was a bit slower than last week. But last week was a pretty hot week. Our biggest halibut this week was 126 lbs. Scott and Shawnee caught it in Dundas Bay. Silvers again this week were way off from what we are used to. We did have boats limit out this week, but normally we have every boat limit this time of year. The ones that did good were 50 - 70 feet down with white on

July 28th Fishing Update

What a great Halibut week! Cape Spencer, Larsen Hump, Grandpas Secret Spot, Soapstone all were hot for halibut this past week. Pink salmon was the preferred bait! The guys from Idaho did great three days in a row with a 100lb + halibut each day. 130 lbs was the biggest, Brad caught that one. I got out on Monday and thought I caught a 328lb halibut but when it finally got to the boat after an hour of work we realized that we had snagged the 74lb halibut in the white side right in the middle. We were disappointed sure seemed like a giant. Weather was really good this week. We have again hit a real dry spot. No rain this week. We did get a bit of afternoon breeze but nothing to severe. Tides we

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