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Aug 18 - 24 Fishing Update

On our way back in today to Juneau we had in my opinion the perfect weather. Calm calm water, overcast with those low lying clouds. See photos at bottom. Halibut was a bit slower this week. Biggest one was caught by Nik 126lb halibut. Mike got a 100lber. I anticipate the next couple of weeks for halibut to be harder to find. Silver/Coho salmon picked up again this week, but were still off of our normal pace. Still feels like the peak is yet to come. Three Hill was for sure the hotspot. Last weekend we experienced a big windstorm. Allen Marine was nice enough to take us on an early morning run to Elfin Cove Monday morning. Very grateful for our guests. We really appreciate their patience with the weather. Very nice to see rainy weather settle in. Hopefully we are past the dry summer time.


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