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August 4th Fishing Update

What a hot summer we are experiencing. Again we are sweating in Elfin Cove. This is just not normal at all to have this hot and dry of conditions. We really need some rain to get the fish moving. Wednesday we had a gust of wind and it was all of a sudden raining pine needles. The trees are dry and thirsty.

Halibut was a bit slower than last week. But last week was a pretty hot week. Our biggest halibut this week was 126 lbs. Scott and Shawnee caught it in Dundas Bay.

Silvers again this week were way off from what we are used to. We did have boats limit out this week, but normally we have every boat limit this time of year. The ones that did good were 50 - 70 feet down with white on white, white hoochies with white flashers. Very disappointed in the silver fishing, hoping next week will be better.

On a personal note, Grandpa and Grandma had a neat experience this week. They took Nik, Claire and Kaela out halibut fishing and landed a 90 lb and a 188 lb halibut. Needless to say they were very exited. They were on the now famous Larsen Hump on the backside of the Inian Islands in about 180’ of water. Way to go Grandpa and Grandma! Creating memories with the Grandkids! Can’t top that!


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