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Aug 16th Fishing Update

Fall is here. We went from a lovely 3- 4 week summer period to FALL weather. We have had a series of storms hit us. Lots of rain with wind. Always amazed at the power of Mother Nature. Alaska is an amazing place every once in awhile Alaska reminds us who is in charge. When this happens we have to fish in places where it is calm.

The Silver/Coho report is great. Three Hill is doing good. John & Tom got 11 in front of three hill yesterday. All colors seem to be working, depths are all over 20' - 70'. They are starting to get chunky also!!! Pinks are finally on the decline. We are seeing less of them out there.

Halibut has slowed quite a bit, we have had a tough time finding them this past week or so. Yes weather is a factor but the halibut bite has slowed it seems. Hopefully this next week it will pick up.

I am actually blaming the weather on Adam Eakle and Jared. It seems like every time you have a camera here the bad weather rolls in. I think they had a good time and got some good video of Silver and Halibut fishing for the show. I will let you know when they plan to put it on the air waves.

If there is anyone currently signed up to fish with us for 2024 or 2025 and think that you may not be able to make it in 2024 or 2025, please please let me know now? I am getting lots of emails and phone calls for new fishermen and I am having to tell them that we are full.

Getting close to the end of the summer. Mary and the family went home on Monday to get ready for school to start. And yes I know it may seem that Mary runs everything and is in charge, but I will do my best to keep things together till we finish the season.



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