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Dec 4 2023 Update

Winter is now upon us! Not much for a fishing update for this post. Thought I would give you an update on what we have been up to. Matt in Juneau has all the boats in hibernation. Jeremy & Breanna are expecting the arrival of a new baby soon. Jeremy & Larry have been busy working on reel repair and maintenance (when not hunting) & Bob is starting to melt lead again.

Last week I made a quick trip to Elfin Cove, we had a big wind/snow storm and it pushed our 3 pilings at the Shoreline dock over, we were abel to move the freezer dock off those pilings and got them straightened back up. There were 8 local folks in Elfin Cove when I was there, I saw one nice buck hanging up!! Mary has been busy with invoices and purchasing for next year. It will not be long and spring will be upon us. Looking forward to 2024 already!



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