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Aug 19th Fishing Update

Aug 19 Fishing Update

Silvers at Three Hill!! Before the big storm we were just starting to see Silvers at Three Hill. The big storm brought heavy rain. The big schools that were just starting to build all moved to the inside waters due to the amount of fresh water that entered Cross Sound. The smell of their stream was to tempting to avoid. We saw a few days of slow fishing in front of Three Hill, but things are back in full swing now. The trick is to be there when the bite comes on. The fishermen that are staying at Three Hill get their limit every day. It should continue to build and get really good in the coming weeks. Ron and Rob are using the deep six divers and doing very well. I would recommend these to everyone coming in the next weeks, they are simple to use and they are working great.

Halibut has slowed a bit, I would contribute it to very slow current. It seems like when the tide movement are very minimal the Halibut bite slows down. The other major factor was of course the sea conditions, we were limited a bit on where we could go. Biggest Halibut for the week was 184 lbs.

The last few trips with the Noble Eagle have been foggy. Very glad and thankful to have this service provided by Eagle Charters thank you to Mike and Joe at Eagle Charters and also thanks to Larry and Wendy who Captain the boat. Without the Noble Eagle we would have been stuck in Juneau for several days. One change we want to make for next year is to arrive earlier in Elfin Cove. This past year we had guests coming in on the 3:30 flight so we waited for them. For next year I would like to see if we can get everyone to arrive in Juneau by 12:30-1:00 so we can depart Auke Bay sooner. I will have Mary send some emails out to everyone about the schedule change.



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