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Feb 15, 2022

Update Feb 15

Well it is that time of year again, the garage is full of boxes. We consolidate everything that arrives and then put them on pallets. We then take them to the barge in Seattle with a cargo truck. Once they arrive in Juneau they are taken by landing craft to Elfin Cove. At this point I am always grateful for young energetic kids!! The boxes are carried up by hand to the lodge. Supplies have been tough to get. But we think we have everything we need for this season.

Returning staff for this year are:

Waters Edge:

Chef Bruce





Chef Bronco


Nikolas Crump

Jake Crump

Mossy Ridge:

Chef Jake


Jeremy Croft

Jeremy Anderson

Breanna Anderson

Paige Crump

We have many new faces this year. We are anxious to get to know them. Kelly, Jeremy, Breanna, Chris Peter, Justen will be the first to arrive in early April. Dawson, Jeremy Croft the first of May. And then the rest of the crew on May 15th.

Claire is a senior this year so I get to attend a Graduation this year! Hard to believe for me how fast she has grown up. Will be exciting to see what she decides to do in life the next few years.

We are very grateful to everyone that has signed up to fish with us this year. 78% of you have fished with us before. We look forward to meeting the new fishermen, hopefully you will love Elfin Cove as much as we do! If this is your first time fishing with us, please go to this page and start reading the regulations and the other links we have. We always try to do our best with orientation, but the more you can become familiar with before you arrive would be greatly appreciated.



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