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Hoochies anyone?

Some of you might be asking what in the world a hoochie is, while others know all about them!

Well, a hoochie is a common fishing lure used when fishing for salmon, that is designed to mimic a squid. Traditionally a hoochie is fished while trolling behind an attractant called a flasher. Flashers create a slower rolling motion that causes the hoochie behind it to zig-zag creating a realistic squid-like motion that salmon are attracted to.

We see so many different hoochies that vary in in color, size, and style. Just like any lure out there, different colors work at different times. Some of the variables that affect what colors work are water visibility, water temperature, time of year, and the bait fish that are in the area.

It is common to layer hoochies making a larger multi-colored lure. We also put twinkle skirts underneath the hoochie that add a sparkle and a shine. I have even seen people cut hoochies in half to create a smaller bait.

Here is a list of some of the Color variations that worked real well last year:


Larger hoochies in Light Green with a twinkle skirt, Blue/White with a twinkle skirt, Black with a Gold skirt, Black and White Stripes stacked on Pink, and Dark Blue

Early Silvers:

Light green with a twinkle skirt, Small red, Small pink, Small purple, White, Light Blue, Dark Green

Late August/Early September Silvers:

Yellow with a twinkle skirt, Bright Pink, Tequila sunrise (a mixture of pink, yellow, orange), Bright Yellow with a gold skirt, Dark Blue, and White

I like to name hoochie variations that catch fish. My favorites are the Sonny Special, The Black Mamba, and The Johnny-Boy. Next time you're up fishing, get creative, and maybe your lure will score a name!

In the picture are some favorites for fall silvers.

What are your favorite colors that you like to use?


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