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July 18th Fishing Update

July 18th Fishing Update

When the Ocean goes calm it is an amazing sight to behold and experience. We woke today to another very nice calm day. Weather can be such a factor, I am always very grateful for calm water. The forecast for the coming weeks looks good.

Today Light winds becoming W 10 kt in the afternoon. Seas 3 ft early in the morning then 2 ft or less.

Tonight W wind 10 kt. Seas 2 ft or less.

Mon W wind 10 kt. Seas building to 3 ft in the afternoon.

Mon Night W wind 10 kt. Seas 3 ft.

Tue W wind 10 kt. Seas 2 ft or less.

Wed W wind 10 kt. Seas 2 ft or less.

Thu S wind 10 kt becoming E. Seas 4 ft.

I had a good story yesterday. One boat came in with a really good catch of halibut. They stayed in the same place for 3 hours, one over a 100 and the rest really nice sized halibut. The secret to halibut is patience. Find a good place and settle in, drink a soda, bring some peanuts, or potato chips and relax, let the halibut find you! Pink salmon continues to be the bait of choice.

Halibut seem to be all over now. We had them come in from Open Ocean spots and Inside water spots. Several good ones were caught out in front of George Island.

The pinks are getting more numerous by the day. I went to Juneau on Friday and we saw them jumping as we went thru South Pass and we saw them jumping as we went past the light house near Juneau. The key in the next week or so will be to get thru the pinks and find silvers. The Silvers/Coho are there, but there are some many pink salmon it will make it hard to find them. Are there still Kings around? Yes, but nothing like it was before July 1st. Kings are much deeper down around 80 - 100’. We are still using hoochies as our primary lure/bait for salmon ,seems to work pretty good, sometimes a different color will work better than another, but that varies by the day it seems like.

Quick reminder to remember to get your fishing license on - - print it and bring it with you. Also we will meet you at the airport out on the sidewalk where the Alaska Coach Bus stops at 3:00pm.


View from Light House at Cape Spencer looking at South Pass and Three Hill Island


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