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July 23 2021 Update

July 23rd Fishing Report

This has to be the peak of the Pink Salmon for the summer. They are everywhere. Lots and lots of pinks salmon. Most of the guests this week are fishing primarily for Halibut. We have had some silver caught but for the most part many of the guests are fishing for salmon to get bait for halibut fishing.

Halibut fishing is really good right now! Like really good! 226 lbs is the biggest for the week. 168 ft of water somewhere up Dundas Bay, pink salmon for bait.

Weather has been pretty good we had one day of 25 kts winds, a couple days of 15 kt wind forecasts but other than that it has been 10 kt wind type of day with good water. The crew are really hitting their stride, we had a big fish day yesterday, and they were all done and cleaned up by 8:00pm. Pretty amazing to see these young kids go to work, gives up hope for the future! They not only get the work done but they are doing it happily and enjoying what is going on, makes it a very fun environment to be in.



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