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July 3rd Fishing Update

July 3rd Fishing Report

It is a beautiful thing to behold when the open ocean lays down and is flat calm. Just been really nice and hot and calm water for the past two days, today looks to be the same and the forecast for tomorrow looks very good also. Yahoo!!

The commercial troller opening started on the 1st of July, I have heard no reports yet of how they are doing. Very amazing to see them all lined out headed out to go fishing. Elfin cove was a beehive of activity and then the morning of July 1st very quiet.

This group was mainly focused on Halibut but they did manage to get a few King Salmon and we had a day of nice big silvers also brought in. All the salmon that came in were caught down the coast. Big red flasher with chrome was reported to be the hot flasher. I am not sure it matters though they seem to be hitting on just about anything. We have seen Chum salmon going through the pass, but for the most part the salmon are still down the coast and have not started moving to the inside waters yet.

Shark Fin, Dundas, Texas were the hot spots for halibut. Pink salmon seems to be the preferred bait for Halibut. I was able to go out yesterday, and we had a halibut that hit hard, took my pole tip to the water and started screaming line, took line for a good 5 seconds or so, then let go. For some reason did not hook. Wow would have liked to have seen that fish. The boat that was on the shark fin, stayed there all day. I am becoming a firm believer in finding a spot and get settled in and stay there. The halibut seem to find you if you give them time. Halibut has been right on average I would say. I am expecting it to peak here in the next couple weeks when the huge schools of pinks hit the coast.

So far we are having great luck with Alaska Airlines, we have had no one late yet arriving in Juneau. If possible I would get to Juneau a day early to avoid any stress due to canceled flights.

Happy Independence Day!!!!



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