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June 18 Fishing Update

I guess I should have waited another day to do a fishing update! 13 years ago Logan worked for Mary and I in Excursion Inlet, nice to see that he still knows how to fillet. His boat caught a 157 lb halibut yesterday. Just like riding a bike he jumped on the fillet table, "I caught it I get to fillet it"!! These young kids now have kids and their own business, starting to feel old all of a sudden.

Yesterday was a pretty good fishing day. The Oliver group did really good on King Salmon. They got their limit and then released another 5 Kings.

Logans boat had a great day 157 lb and several other nice ones, they stayed all day in Texas and it really paid off. The Palmer group from Burley did really good also, they got a 132 lb Halibut off the Larsen hump.

Weather was again very good might be the best weather and water conditions we will have all summer!



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