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June 25 Fishing Update

June 25th Fishing Update

The weather changes everything. We had some very sunny days and now we are seeing the opposite side of sunny. Pretty good storm rolling thru. Heavy rain with some wind.

King Salmon Fishing is really good right now! Might be at its peak. They still seem to be at around 80’ to 100’ and down the coast. There were a few caught in Althorp, but by far the better King fishing is down the coast. Also seeing Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon and the occasional Chum Salmon.

New King Salmon regulations came out last week. Still 1 per day but now 3 per year until July 1st. Then from July 1 - 7 2 King salmon per year, then from July 8th on it is 1 King salmon per year. Here is the link -

This week I was really impressed with our rookie guests. We had a few groups that were first timers and it was amazing how much respect and care they have been showing to our equipment and the lodge. They are as a result catching some great fish this week. The first morning they slowed down and went thru the boat orientation slow and made sure they knew how to drop and retrieve the anchor, and they made sure they knew how to run the down riggers before they left. Thank you very much appreciated!

Still lots of humpbacks down the coast. Please be careful while running the boat. Be aware of what is in front and around you and slow down and be careful. A collision with one of these enormous creatures will for sure result in some injuries! Slow down!



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