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May 21st

May 21st Fishing Update

We had a good week and got lots done, so the crew went fishing on Friday. Was not a red hot day, but we are having halibut tacos for dinner tonight!! Yahoo! Summer officially arrived on Friday, it felt like it was 80 degrees. I know it was only 61 but it felt like summer. This spring has had been colder than I remember them being in the past. Lots of snow still on the tops of the mountains. The guided lodges in Elfin Cove started fishing this week. The rumor was lots of halibut and King Salmon were caught. Can’t wait for our guests to arrive and start catching some fish also!

Alaska Airlines has been changing flights around this week. Many guests got moved to the 3:15pm flight. No problem we will wait for you. At this point I am just happy and grateful that there are pilots and planes to fly us all up here. Very important to be positive and look for the good in everything! Going to be a great summer in Alaska!

If you are in the Utah area tune in to KSL Outdoors tonight. Adam has a big announcement on his show about Waters Edge!

As you enter the GUT in Elfin Cove we had a Brown Bear on the beach munching on some grass one night, also saw some big bear tracks.



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