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Things You can get FIRED for!

I apologize to all of you that obey the speed limit and have never done anything wrong. I am forced to talk about this in hopes that we can somehow curve the trend in the right direction. I really think we have a good thing going here with fishing in Elfin Cove, but if we are not careful we risk loosing what we have.

Trust - To provide a self guided experience there must be trust between the guest and the owner. I am trusting that you will all be careful with our boats and operate them in a safe manner. The guests that are fishing the next week after you are also hoping that you treat the boats good so they will have a boat to fish out of. One of the most memorable quotes I can remember is this one - “ Oh don’t worry I will just write you a check for any damages”. The writing of the check I do not have problems with the purchasing of a new boat or motor in a quick enough time to have it ready for the next guests is a huge problem if not impossible. This year especially a new outboard is many many months backordered, we can not just go buy new ones.

These are things that I feel are not negotiable. If you do the following things you will be fired from fishing at Waters Edge.

1 - Moving boat with anchor not in your boat. Let me explain - the anchor the chain the rope must be in your boat, not hanging over the bow, no not even 2 feet hanging over, it must be all the way in the boat secured on the bow roller.

2 - Running a STOP sign - Taking the boat in places it should not be. If you take your boat thru an area we have marked with stop signs. If you go to shore. We have placed stop signs in areas that we do not want the boat in.

3 - Wake zone - 4 mph is the limit for the no wake zone in the harbor. You are also responsible for your wake around other boats while fishing be courteous you are responsible for your wake and the damage it causes.

4 - Regulations - You are 100% responsible for knowing what the regulation are. We do everything we can to educate the guests. If you return to the dock with over your limit it will be reported to the ADF&G and you will be turned in as a poacher, no exceptions!

5 - Alcohol & drugs - Please do not challenge me on this issue? I do not want anyone operating our boats that is impaired. It is just too important that we are safe and that the boat is ready for the next week of guests.



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