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Aug 19 - 25 - 2012

Weather was much better again this week. We had some rain off and on but over all good weather week.

Biggest Halibut for the week was caught by Tom Stanley. We now have a new waypoint to fish, it is going to be named Stanley Mesa. 154 feet down caught on a whole pink salmon, Tom landed the biggest halibut of the year for the lodge. - 204 lb Halibut! -

Silvers are getting bigger each week, we had some really nice fat ones come in. It seemed like some would catch them on the surface and others were catching them on down riggers at 35 feet down. Hoochies seem to be working the best, on Friday white and green seemed to be the hot colors.

Even though we had a huge Halibut caught this week the halibut catch was down. Mainly red meat in all of the boxes. Mary and the kids head home today, hard to believe how fast the summer has gone. Fall is just around the corner.

Kelly & Mary

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