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2013 Fishing Summary

The weather for 2013 was the best I have ever seen in Alaska. Very little rain, very little wind all summer long.

The Coho/Silver Run was crazy! I heard several fishermen say it was the best fishing they have seen in 20 years. We started seeing Coho in mid June and it really started to get good in mid July. About the middle of August the Pink salmon started to slow down and the Coho fishing really heated up. The peak of the run seemed to be mid August, and towards the end of August we started seeing big fat fish.

The Halibut fishing seemed to peak towards the end of June and into July. Biggest Halibut for the year was caught by Walt- AZ 193 lbs. Ray & Don caught the most halibut poundage (June 16th week). Out in front of Bird Island there is a small trough. We had several Halibut over 150 lbs come out of this hole. Walt’s 193 lb was one of them.

Mary and I would like to thank everyone who supported us this year, we are very grateful! We hope to see you again sometime soon in Elfin Cove. If you need any recipes please email Mary! My favorite for the summer would have to be the honey mustard marinade Coho cooked on the smoker!


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